garden birds

I arrived on the scene at the tail-end of the made-by-hand graphic design era. The PMT camera, waxed type and rubylith are all, thankfully, history. And even though the physical act of laying out a "page," whether for print, desktop, laptop computer or mobile device is now computerized, it is still in many ways, handmade. The face you or your company present to your audience, your fans, your customers, is important. Crafted well, it provides a bridge between people and through that connection you share your ideas, products and passion.

I primarily work with artists and small business owners to create print materials, identity graphics and front-end developed websites. (Front-end development includes designing the look and feel of your website, creating custom graphics and icons, and writing HTML + CSS code to hand to backend developers.) For the backend of your website, I highly recommend talking to these guys.