I arrived on the scene at the tail-end of the made-by-hand graphic design era. The PMT camera, paste-up wax and rubylith are all, thankfully, history. And even though the physical act of laying out a page is now digital, design is still more than pressing a button or two. Effective design requires thought and attention to detail.

The face you or your company present to the world, when crafted well, engages your audience, your fans, your customers. Good design will provide a bridge connecting people to your ideas, experiences, or products and the passion you bring to your work.

Often my customers have never worked with a designer before — no worries. I am committed to having easy and open communication that will allow us to collaborate effectively as we work together. Contact me to chat about your project or just say, “Hi”.

If you’re interested to see what graphic design used to entail. Here it is! I’m so glad this has been documented for posterity, otherwise no one would believe it.